Monday, January 23, 2012

Death by Hairspray

It was a sneak attack this time. Typically I know the signs immediately and can self diagnose, self medicate and move forward. This week it took me days to realize my hairspray was slowly plotting my death.

My chemical allergy is more annoying than anyone could ever imagine. Certain times of the year it is worse. Women who wear perfume - and way too much of it – have no idea what they are doing to women like me. My throat begins to feel like someone is clawing the skin from it, my lungs seize and if I ingest enough of your funkiness, eventually I end up with bronchitis if I don’t immediately take a Benadryl.

So think about this, it happens a lot! Therefore, I live in a Benadryl haze. Quit a crappy and annoying allergy.

Note to self: When you rule the world, all perfume will be destroyed. All bad smelly candles, potpourri and awful cleaners.

Some are ok for me to use, which is weird. Men’s cologne? I could drink it and be the happiest girl in the world. Love it! There’s a couple that are iffy.

Anyway, last week was weird. Could not wake up, my throat was hurting, my sinuses are impacted and finally Saturday I slept 18 of 24 hours, literally. Sunday morning, I started to fix my hair, and there it was. The funky feeling and taste in my mouth that has kept me down all week. Did I mention the crankiness? I owe my husband the biggest apology. Sorry baby!

Bottle tossed, it was a free one I had couponed. Guess what brand – Sammy! Yuck. The same stuff that caused us to wash the Eldest Girls hair multiple times with Tide to get the “Sammy Thickening Lotion” out!

In other weekend business:

The boy scored 18 points in his game; 3 x 3 point shots. Go Boy!!!

I have no idea about the rest of the weekend, I was asleep.

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