Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cruisin' From My Bed Tonight

My iPod may be my favorite object. It knows me so well. Every avenue of my life is encompassed in a playlist. Tonight’s just happened to be a shuffle selection and it’s landed on good ole Reba. I have been transformed in thoughts of two young, big haired girls with socks and flats, peg rolled jeans and enough gas money to cruise Leitchfield all night long. Susan and Misty spent many nights making the loop from 259 South back to the courthouse to do it all over again, and again, and again. Reba had nothing on us two. Occasionally we would break from Reba for Billy Squire but not too often. The funny thing is, we probably only hung out doing this for a year, not much more, but it feels like we lived 10 years. It’s funny how you pack in more activities in one day of your youth then you do in a month of post youth. Susan (Thelma) was a few years older than me and was always teaching me something about boys, money or self confidence. We learned to smoke together, she didn’t last but I was no quitter…nope Louise kept it up for 16 years. Ridiculous!

Ahhh, the good ole days I do NOT want my children to experience. That is why I am gathering brochures on “How to be a Monk” and “Nun’s-R-Us.” They will adjust, if not I am working on their future spouses. At least I am giving them a choice.

Madison doesn’t like this idea. Not sure why. She said I would pick her a “Mathlete.” Not true, mathletes are strange plus I don’t have a need for a nerdy mathlete. A Chef, Builder, or Billionaire. Now that’s what we need in the family.

I got a surprise "I Love You" text today. I love the ones that are for no reason. I recently watched an episode of “King of Queens” where Doug told Carry that he didn’t want to say I love you when they hang up the phone any longer so that when it is said, it would hold more value. I thought of that when this text came through. I thought about showing it to Jason when he got home today. Just Kidding! It was from the love of my life, Mr. Thomas. I bet he remembers the socks and flats wearing, big haired Thelma and Louise that used to steal his Jeep and drive around town; looking pretty fly might I add. Oh the Boys of Summer. Loved that song while driving his Jeep.

Middle Girl got to tumble all around the town today. (When the Boy was 2 he would say, Momma, I love you all around the town. We have adapted this saying to lots of things in our world) It was her first gymnastics class and she was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. She’s waited forever for this day. She even did a back hand spring. Of course she was spotted and it looked like a fish with legs flopping out of water, but she attempted it! That was the mission!

The Boy got home from church and I asked what they learned in youth class. He said, “We listened to a song about a long black train and I’m pretty sure it was about God.” Wonder what gave it away for him? Couldn’t be the fact he was at CHURCH. Quick like a cat that boy is! I get home to pull up his facebook to find several pictures of him and a girl playing around in youth class. Now I’m amazed he was able to name the song since he obviously had a photo shoot scheduled at the same time of class. My bad for not knowing. I really need to have his “people” talk to my “people” on a regular basis. This is no way to parent.

In other 11th day business:

So thankful for a God that hears and answers prayers. What a mighty prayer a friend and daughter have had answered this week, after a year of us praying for them. Just when I thought God had not heard us, he showed up in a Mighty Big Way!

Another product review coming your way: Nivea is the only chap-stick to use. The blue is best. The pink and yellow are horrible!

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