Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boys: (n) a noise with dirt on it.

I was going to blog today but then I logged onto Pinterest…it’s the place where my dream house lives, my perfect hair exist and my closet is packed full of the perfect outfits. It really is like being a paper doll living in a virtual world. If you do not know what Pinterest is, just stay away. Fair warning!

“I made lasagna, washed the dishes, swept the floors and took a shower in 42 minutes,” said the husband. Well look at him turning into a woman! If they only knew that mom's spend the majority of their days moving at the speed of light.

He did handle the last two hours of the birthday party by himself on Saturday. The Boy had a house full of 12-year-old boys running in and out, making a mess. It smelled like a zoo when I got home. How come boys smell so bad? I just don’t understand. When cleaning the house comes in "layers" - it's been a party.

The only thing the husband could say was, “Do you think if we put dirt floors in, the kids would pack in hardwood?” Not sure I won’t try that in my dream house. Well, back to Pinterest to see if I can find pictures of blue-zillion dollar homes with dirt floors. It never hurts to have a picture to show the architect.

The Eldest Girl has sported a red and navy stripped sweater all weekend. The Husband is now calling her Freddy Kruger. Is that healthy? To call your child Freddy Kruger? If she turns out weird, I blame the Husband. I was calling her Mr. Rogers. A much safer option.

In other 14th and 15th Day business:

I saved a small fortune in bath soaps and deodorants this weekend with a great coupon deal that my older sister Amy figured out. I bought $61 worth of products for $17. I’m stashing all this extra cash for those dirt floors. As the husband says, “You’re just running into money aren’t you baby.”

The good news is they make a 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo & conditioner product. If I could only get toothpaste in that mix we could cut the Boy’s shower down from his normal 10 seconds to 5. I’m still pondering why boys smell so badly.

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