Friday, January 6, 2012

Birthday Blues

I dressed much more appropriate for work today. I put the track suit in the shop to have the oil changed since we exceeded the mileage yesterday.

The weather is warmer today. You know why? The boy came into the world 12 years ago today. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.” I tend to turn everything into a song. It’s one of Jason’s favorite things about me; so I told him. He agreed after some nudging.

So, I officially have two 12-year-olds now. At least for the next three weeks until Middle Girl turns 13. Luckily, God gave them their own birth year, even though they were born 11 months and one week apart. Middle Girl gets to claim 1999 as the Boy claims 2000.

What a whirlwind finding out we were pregnant with a third baby while the girls were 2 ½ and about 11 weeks old. I was only 22. My dad told me, “Honey, he (God) won’t put anything on you that you can’t handle.” “Well, he sure thinks the world of me,” replied I.

What do you know, he really does. How very blessed we are to have these three and one waiting for us in Heaven. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy when the Boy was 4 months old.

So I woke him up this morning with a small turtle chocolate cake in my hands, some singing and big ole kisses on his check while he slept. Oh the smell of that cake…yum. Until he opened his mouth and the stench of morning breath arose. I almost dropped the cake on the bed while trying to grab my throat. Not sure why God thought morning breath would be a great idea; pretty sure it’s one of the first few questions I’ll ask when I get there. Oh the pondering never stops.

It was almost an epic fail for this mother. I was not quite up to par when we got home this afternoon and decided to order pizza for dinner instead of heading out for our usual “Birthday Dinner” where the child gets to pick the venue. I told him we would do it tomorrow after ballgames. He headed out to play b-ball with all the other boys in the neighborhood as I went to church and then returned to my sister’s house for a game night. The boy came in a little later pretty upset with very few words. He fell asleep.

We made our way home and he confessed the day just didn’t feel like a birthday. Boooo…I’m a horrible mother! He had several phone calls and cards in the mail but he never came inside after the basketball games started. I talked him into opening his gifts, which he loved and threw himself across the bed to tell me. We gathered around to sing the old b-day song. We have a party planned for next Saturday but I guess sometimes it’s just not the same. Now that he is in middle school mom can’t drop-off cupcakes and continue the celebration throughout the day. Poor guy…HEX I tell you.

Well, the Eldest Girl has to work in the morning and since I will be driving Ms. Daisy, I must get to sleep. Tune in; the girl is a news caster now!

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