Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Been Caught Stealing

“Mom, do your eyes ever wonder?” – my child.

“All the time,” – while driving to church tonight.

“They do? Do they ever steal?” – my child

I am taken back to an event two years ago. Said child jumps into car after school and yells, “I hate these wondering eyes! They won’t stop wondering around and stealing answers.”

This child was so serious and frustrated with the eyeballs in their head that completely refused to do what this child wanted them to do. Such scoundrels; these eyeballs. All I could do was offer to poke them out.

It’s been such a tiring day. I think I will just shut these eyeballs but not before seeking prayer that the child’s eyeballs behave and not steal.

Anxious to see how the child gets through the week with grounded eyeballs.

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